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  • V2.0 Engraver A4988

    V2.0 Engraver 3D Printer CNC Shield Expansion Board A4988 Driver

  • leonardo R3 + USB


    Arduino leonardo R3 with USB cable The Leonardo is Arduino’s first development board to use one microcontroller with built-in USB. Using the ATmega32U4 as its sole microcontroller allows it to be cheaper and simpler. Also, because the 32U4 is handling the USB directly, code libraries are available which allow the board to emulate a computer…

  • Muscle Sensor Module

    Muscle Sensor Module for Arduino Specially Designed For Microcontrollers

  • EMG ECG + Probs

    EMG ECG Arduino Shield with Electrode Prob

  • USB Host Shield

    USB Host Shield for Arduino Dimensions: 2.17 in x 2.13 in x 0.91 in (5.5 cm x 5.4 cm x 2.3 cm) Weight: 0.56 oz (16 g)

  • Arduino CH376S Disk R/W

    Disk Read-write Module USB Flash Disk For Arduino CH376S

  • Adafruit Data Logger

    Datalogging is an important aspect of a problem. Get data; analyze data; solve problem; eat pie! To accomplish the first task (get data), the Adafruit datalogger shield for Arduino compatibles is a pretty well-thought out solution. Data is date/time stamped, and written to an SD card in one unit. Solder in the mounting pins, install…

  • NodeMcu Base / IO

    NodeMcu Base / IO Board Builtin power supply and male header .

  • Sensor Shield

    Arduino Sensor Shield

  • Arduino Due

    The Arduino Due is the first Arduino board based on a 32-bit ARM core microcontroller. With 54 digital input/output pins, 12 analog inputs, it is the perfect board for powerful larger scale Arduino projects.

  • RAMPS 1.4 /RepRap

    This Smart Controller contains a SD-Card reader, an rotary encoder and a 128x64 LCD display. You can easy connect it to your Ramps board using the "smart adapter" included. After connecting this panel to your Ramps you don't need your pc any more, the Smart Controller supplies power for your SD card. Further more, all…


    The IOIO-OTG (pronounced “yo-yo-O-T-G"; the OTG stands for On-The-Go) is a development board specially designed to allow developers to add advanced hardware I/O capabilities to their Android or PC application. It features a PIC microcontroller, which acts like a bridge that connects an app on your PC or Android device to low-level peripherals like GPIO, PWM, ADC,…


    ESP8266 improve the peripheral circuit, enhance the impedance matching, signal output is better, both stability and anti-interference ability, have been greatly improved. ESP8266 is a ultra-low power UART-WiFi module. It has excellent dimensions and ULP technology compared to other similar modules. The module is special design for monile devices and Internet of Things (IoT). When…

  • Digispark ATTINY85


    Digispark ATTiny85 USB Development Board Kickstarter Digistump Mini Arduino Comp What is DIGISPARK ATTINY85  ? The Digispark is an Attiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaller, and a bit less powerful. With a whole host of shields to extend its functionality and the ability to use the familiar Arduino…

  • Arduino YunArduino Yun
    Out Of Stock

    Arduino YUN

    ON demand Product Arduino Yún is the first member of a new groundbreaking line of wifi products combining the power Linux with ease of use of Arduino. Yún means “cloud” in Chinese language as the purpose of this board is to make it simple to connect to complex web services directly from Arduino. The first…


    STM32 F3 DISCOVERY KIT If you have ever wanted to experiment with an RISC microcontroller that comes with special Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capability, the STM32F3DISCOVERY board might just be the right board for you to start with. STMicroelectronics shipped out a board to me for review. Let’s have a look!

  • ESP8266 Wifi MODULE

    ESP8266 Wifi  MODULE  In Pakistan Model No=ESP-01 The ESP8266 WiFi Module is a self contained SOC with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can give any microcontroller access to your WiFi network. The ESP8266 is capable of either hosting an application or offloading all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor. Each ESP8266 module comes pre-programmed…

  • 4x Arduino CNC


    4 Axis Arduino CNC shield Grbl (Arduino G-Code Processor) Without drivers . The Arduino CNC Shield makes it easy to get your CNC projects up and running in a few hours. It uses opensource firmware on Arduino to control 4 stepper motors using 4 or with this shield and the Arduino you can build all kinds of…

  • RAMPS 1.4 shield

    RAMPS 1.4 shield 3D Printer Kit In Pakistan Ramps is short for reprap Arduino mega pololu shield, it is mainly designed for the purpose of using pololu stepper driven board (similar to 4988 driven board). Ramps can only work when connected to its mother board Mega 2560 and 4988/DRV8825. Owning to its stability in operation…

  • W5100 Eth Shield


    Arduino W5100 Eth Shield

  • PRO MINI 328 – 5V/16MHZ


    It's blue! It's thin (0.8mm)! It's the Arduino Pro Mini! SparkFun's minimal design approach to Arduino. This is a 5V Arduino running the 16MHz bootloader (select 'Arduino Duemilanove w/ 328'


    ARDUINO LILYPAD IN PAKISTAN LilyPad Arduino Main Board The LilyPad Arduino is designed for e-textiles and wearables projects. It can be sewn to fabric and similarly mounted power supplies, sensors and actuators with conductive thread.

  • Arduino Nano + USB Cable


    Arduino Nano v3.0 With  USB Cable     USB TO SERIAL CHIP IS FT232



    Microcontroller ATmega2560 Operating Voltage 5V Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V Input Voltage (limits) 6-20V Digital I/O Pins 54 (of which 14 provide PWM output) Analog Input Pins 16 DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA Flash Memory 256 KB of which 4 KB used by bootloader SRAM 8 KB…