The analog gas sensor – MQ5 is used in gas leakage detecting equipments in consumer and industry markets, this sensor is suitable for detecting LPG, i-butane, propane, methane ,alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke.It has a high sensitivity and fast response time.And the sensitivity can be adjusted by the potentiometer.
Power supply needs: 5V
Interface type: Analog
Pin Definition: S-Sigal V-VCC G-GND
Wide detecting scope
Fast response and High sensitivity
Simple drive circuit
Stable and long life
Size: 38x27mm

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The module features:
1, high quality double panel design, with the power indicator and TTL signal output;
2, has (TTL) DO switch signal output and AO analog signal output;
3, TTL output signal for low level effectively. (when the low output electric signal lights at ordinary times, can be directly by single chip microcomputer or relay module)
4, the analog output voltage, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage.
5, the coal gas and natural gas detection has better sensitivity.
6, there are four screw holes facilitate orientation;
7, product appearance size: 32 (L) * 20 (W) * 22 (H)
8, has long service life and reliable stability
9, rapid response recovery features
Electrical properties:
The input voltage: DC5V power consumption (current) : 150 ma
The DO output: TTL digital quantity 1 s and 0 s (0.1 and 5 v)
AO output: 0.1-0.3 V (pollution-free), the highest concentration of voltage is 4 V or so
Special remind: sensor, after the power supply need to preheat about 20 s, that are stable, the measured data of sensor fever belongs to the normal phenomenon, because of internal heating wire, if hot is not normal.

Application :
1)  Domestic gas leakage detector

2)  Industrial Combustible gas detector

3)  Portable gas detector

4)  They are used in gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of LPG, i-butane, propane, methane ,alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke.


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