SG90 mini servo


SG90 9G Micro Servo Motor


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The TowerPro SG90 mini servo motor  is lightweight, high-quality and lightning-fast. The servo is designed to work with almost all the radio control systems. It is with excellent performance brings you to another horizon of flight. The SG90 mini servo with accessories is perfect for R/C helicopter, plane, car, boat and truck use.


  • Operating Voltage : 4.8~6.0V
  • Operating Speed : 0.12sec/60 degree(4.8V)~0.1sec/60 degree(6.0V)
  • Torque : 1.6kg/cm(4.8V)
  • Dead Band Width : 5usec
  • Temperature Range : -30~+60℃
  • Cable Length : 25cm
  • Servo Type : Analog Servo
  • Brand Model : Tower Pro SG90

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