Controller LCD12864

Reprap Smart controller LCD12864 Version rectangle (LED turn on control) for ramps 1.4/Sanguinololu/Megatronics/Rambo control point.

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This LCD controller is completely compatible with the original  adapter for Ramps1.4, Sanguinololu , Megatronics and Rambo . It features that you can configure the duration of the LED light by adjusting TRIMM R4 100K from 10s to 2mins. That means you won’t be bothered by the annoying light any more if your printer works at night. 

We have two shape of the PCB–rectangle and square,there is not any difference between the following two 12864 LCD module display except for the shape, just choose either of them to fit your printer. The item in this list is square LCD12864 display module.

If you have ever bought a Smart LCD controller dispaly from us, but want to use with other boards, you just need to buy an adapter separately,which is 100% compatible with the controller.


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