Arduino CH376S Disk R/W

Disk Read-write Module USB Flash Disk For Arduino CH376S

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CH376 is common a USB bus interface chip, with 8 bit data bus and reading,
writing and chip select lines and interrupt output, can easily attached to the system
bus of the single chip microcomputer /DSP/MCU/MPU controller. In the USB host mode,
CH376 also provides a serial communication mode, through the serial input, serial output
and interrupt output connected with the MCU /DSP/MCU/MPU.


1.2×8 connection head, can be convenient to hang with MCU
2.According to the jumper option, which can work in parallel or serial mode
3.USB status indicator light
4.Plate load LDO 3.3V 1117, to provide the maximum 800mA current
5.5V power supply by the target board
6.12MHZ crystal

Package included:

1 x CH376S U disk module


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