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  • 2.4 INCH TFT LCD


    The shield is fully assembled, tested and ready to go. No wiring, no soldering! Simply plug it in and load up library - you 'll have it running in under 10 minutes! . Works best with any classic Arduino ATMEGA328 Board (UNO/Duemilanove/Diecimila).



    I2C LCD MODULE FOR  16x2 and 16x4 lcd IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Interface Module Serial Board Module

  • 7inch HDMI LCD


    7inch HDMI LCD (B), 800×480, supports various systems

  • Out Of Stock

    HM-10 4.0 BLE

    HM10 / HM-10  4.0 BLE Bluetooth Serial CC2540 CC2541 Module For IOS 6/Android 4.3

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    26p Cable GPIO Expansion

    26p Cable GPIO Expansion line for Raspberry Pi A 26 way ribbon cable for use with the Raspberry Pi GPIO Header. This is perfect for connecting the Pi to your own projects and circuitry.26 way