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    Car battery charge machine battery charger 12v24 intelligent battery charger 12v - 24v Features: Intelligent automatic detection of the remaining battery capacity, automatic charge current setting, It has ability to operate on various setting, that are given below. Minimum charge capacity : 12 V Maximum charge capacity: 24 V Maximum Amp: 30Ah

  • Long Battery 12v 2.3Ah


    Name Maintenance free storage battery 12V 2.3AH Model 12V 2.3AH Brand Long Standby use 12V-12.4V Cycle use 12.4V-12.9V Innitial current Less than 2.6A Weight less then 1KG Packed loose packing / no packing. Certificates ISO:9002,CE,RoHS Note:Non-spillable rechargeable battery must be recycled